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Ann Solari

Doctor Deacon Gardener Grandmother


The Rev’d Dr Ann Solari is a Deacon at St John’s Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane where she coordinates the children’s ministry and the Baptism program.


She is a General Medical Practitioner working with vulnerable people experiencing homelessness in central Brisbane. She has reason to boast about her gardening skills and bakes a mean loaf of bread. Her other great delight is being around her grandchildren.


Ann writes about the power of listening, saying:

Listening creates spaces without words, it allows people to show us who they are. Real listening shows people that they matter, that they have a place in this world, that they are a real human being.

Real listening doesn’t judge nor tell the person what they are feeling is wrong or inappropriate, it is the sort of listening that makes the other person feel safe and worthwhile.

Ann has been known to practice medicine on the streets. St John’s Cathedral is a sheltering place for some of Brisbane’s homeless and Ann’s experience, expertise and practice of care brings some compelling insights.