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At 17 and 18, Eloise Hall and Isobel Marshall (Co-Founders) crowdfunded $56,000 to kickstart TABOO Sanitary Products; a social enterprise that sells high quality, certified organic cotton pads and tampons with all company profits directed towards the eradication of period poverty. 

TABOO has a strong focus on educating, campaigning and advocacy efforts, aiming to dismantle menstrual stigma and free the conversation of periods to create practical change. They have also partnered with many Australian organisations, providing free access to pads for Australian women who require menstrual support.  


TABOO is not just a social enterprise. It seeks to facilitate purposeful conversations creating positive change. It seeks to model for young people a pathway from caring about troubling issues towards effective, collaborative action. 

Eloise works as Managing Director of TABOO alongside her studies, completing a double degree of Business and International Relations at Flinders University.

Isobel is a full-time student at the University of Adelaide, where she is studying a Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS) and a Bachelor of Surgery. She is passionate about reproductive health and education. In January this year, Isobel was recognised for this work and awarded Young Australian of the Year 2021. 

Isobel and Eloise live a simple and inspiring story and we are thrilled thrilled to have them both at the Brisbane Dirrum Festival (Goodji). 

The title of Isobel and Eloise’s presentation is: 

The power of a pad: dismantling menstrual stigma, creating practical change.