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Have you ever come upon something that is so wrong, offensive or needlessly dysfunctional that you cannot walk past, you have to do something? For Norm, that thing is homelessness. “Everyone deserves a bed to sleep in” and Beddown is Norm’s response.


Originally from the UK, Norm’s background was the automotive industry, working for Jaguar and Land Rover. Here in Australia he has worked across a wide range of sectors from Government, Not-for-profit and Industry.


Part of Norm’s interest comes from being personally impacted by homelessness. There are many great services provided. Beddown was not about duplicating a service. It had to be work differently.

Night-time city carparks present an opportunity. They are sheltered, secure, spacious and clean. They are also empty. Beddown is a popup ‘hotel’ that links with a range of other charitable organisations providing an experience that affirms each person’s fundamental dignity. There are many pathways out of homelessness, Beddown provides one.


There is no Beddown without extraordinary collaboration from a large pool of people from a wildly diverse range of backgrounds.


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