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Calls to action: a guide for delegates

Delegates coming to the Festival are up for a cracking experience. A festival of disruptive imagination will provoke a lot of helpful questions. Chief among them will be “so what do we do now?”

Students or schools can host story telling circles. Having a culture where students can hear and tell stories is deceptively simple but deeply transformative. It is also really difficult to create.

Climate for Change
A methodology for hosting conversations for change will give some clear pathways forward:  

Switching to household electric
After Saul Griffith’s talk you will be asking how can we take the renewable economy forward? Set up for Goodji Festival is a widget allowing students to win the social change making challenge, starting in their own household . See also .

PermaYouth Conversations
Morag’s gift is not just gardening, but the gardens as an educative tool for building communities. Setting up community gardens will be a thing, as will conversations with young leaders from refugee camps who are already a part of PermaYouth conversations.
Of course, building gardens, any garden and especially a community garden is always a great form of action. Check this out: 


Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration 
Tony Rinaudo is going for 1 Billion hectares of regenerated land. It is a ridiculously wonderful vision and World Vision is on board. This is the focus of the 40hr challenge fighting hunger and getting on board will be made easy at their lunchtime stall.

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