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Goodji Festival 2022 Lunchtime Workshops

                            PermaYouth dialogue: 
                            Host Morag + Maia Gamble (limited to 25 students)

An invitation to participate with Morag and a global youth movement for positive change, connecting directly with refugee youth and:

  • [pr]activism and artivism - podcasts, film, radio, festivals, camps, photography, art writing ….through a permaculture lens

  • intergenerational, cross-cultural conversations

  • learning from refugee permayouth projects that provide nutrition security, access to fresh water, regeneration, safe spaces to be, and livelihood and educational possibilities.

  • sharing music and stories from the refugee permayouth


                            Climate Conversations:
                            Host Tenielle Jorgensen (limited to 25 student leaders)

Having conversations about climate with people in your networks is one of the most impactful things you can do to affect change in your own community. Climate for Change (C4C) is a grassroots volunteer-powered non-profit on a mission to create the social climate for effective action on climate change in Australia. We will be hosting this workshop, to empower you to become a climate leader within your school and community. 

You’ll learn about types of impact you can have including:

  • The importance of citizen engagement

  • Tools for effective conversations on climate

Join us for this workshop and start your journey towards becoming a climate leader.


                              Jewel, story telling circle:
                              Host Duku Fore (audience limited to 30)

Humans tell stories. What if we could practice and delight in the stories of others?

Jewel is a circle of listeners and tellers hosted by young people creating a culture of wondering, open listening and respect.

The stories are simple. They come from lived lives. Everyone has stories.

Join this session as a few game students tell a cracking story.

Warning: The fundamental ingredients to Jewel are the same as those that make peace, breakdown dividing walls, resolve conflict and construct the necessary understanding for reconciliation. Circles of story tellers and listeners is a simple yet dangerous practice changing the world, one story at a time.

Note. will be launched at the Festival. Is it inspired by ‘The Moth’? Yes. Could it fail? Of course. Can students or staff contribute and help make it happen? Absolutely.

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