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Goodji Festival 2022 Program


Speaker Session One

Student Voice
SPEAKER 1: Morag Gamble Student Voice 
SPEAKER 2: Tenielle Dunkley 
SPEAKER 3: Kate Littmann-Kelly 
Student Voice
Soloist - Ishaaya
SPEAKER 4: Mick Stone (Video)

Student Voice
SPEAKER 5: Duku Fore 

Festival 11.30-12.55


1:00 - 3:00
Speaker Session Two
Soloist: Rihito Kimua
SPEAKER 6: Tony Rinaudo

Student Voice
SPEAKER 7: Saul Griffith  

Soloist: Nathaniel Harris

Student Voice
SPEAKER 8: Astrid Jorgensen  

Wrap Up: Richard Browning 

End 2.59pm

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