Things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other.

This is Euclid’s first common notion. It is on Lincoln’s lips in the film of that name. Lincoln applies it like you would a mathematical equation: This is self evident. 


That is to say, if a white person is human and a black person is human, then they are both human and equal to each other. Superiority of one over another is illogical and false. Simple. Only the context for this saying was a most uncivil war that killed over 600 000 people. What is self evident to many clearly is not self evident to all. We need help to see what is in front of us, to be truly human and relate to each other with respect and care. This is what Dirrum Dirrum is about – a cultural gravity which can help us work at being human, working for justice, bringing peace. It’s message and work is universal, modelled after the work and witness of Christ.


So what are you doing when working in service and ‘doing compassion’?
Here are three tried and tested guidelines:

  1. Build healthy relationships

  2. Give power

  3. Don’t ever do for another what they can do for themselves

Maybe it is as simple and as complex as that.







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